The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is home to a community of dedicated scientists, students, and postdoctoral fellows conducting innovative research on biochemical and molecular mechanisms governing cellular processes.

Our Faculty

The Department offers a strong collegial atmosphere where faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows and administrators work together to promote and share in the discovery of fundamental principles governing life processes.

Graduate Training

In addition to a commitment to research excellence, the department is dedicated to education and offers outstanding training for Ph.D. students in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Congratulations to Dr. Tomek Kordula for his exciting discovery that was recently published in Nature Immunology! Read more about it here.

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Newton! Jason Newton, one of our Graduate students received a special recognition from President Rao at Graduation several weeks ago.

Congratulations to one of our graduate students, David Durrant, for a $4000 travel award to Cape Town, South Africa to attend the 17th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.

Our Department


The Department has research efforts of international stature in several areas, including cellular and molecular signaling, structural biology, eukaryotic molecular biology, lipid and membrane biochemistry, molecular genetics, enzymology, and tumor biology.


Our faculty is especially committed to graduate education and is actively engaged in shaping the highly collaborative environment with other departments and the private sector that makes MCV/VCU such a special place.


Our Department prepares students for successful careers as independent investigators in academia, government, biotechnology, and in teaching. The training is rigorous and provides access to state-of-the-art technology in diverse research areas.