Inflammation, Asthma Research Group

The Inflammation/ Asthma Group consists of Drs. Spiegel, Barbour, Diegelmann, Ratz, Milstien, Larner, Bell, and Chalfant. The members of this group are studying biochemical, physiological, and immunological mechanisms in the inflammatory response. The expertise of this group includes macrophage biology, the biochemistry of the extracellular matrix, lipid signaling, and vascular physiology. Together, these investigators are elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation in hopes of modulating this process to control asthma, periodontal disease, and allergy.

Sarah Spiegel  Sarah Spiegel, Professor:

Mechanisms of sphingosine-1-phosphate in mast and smooth muscle cell biology and allergy.
Paul Ratz  Paul Ratz, Professor:

Contraction of smooth muscle cells.
Suzanne Barbour  Suzanne Barbour, Professor:

Role of PLA2 and lipid mediators in inflammation and innate and adaptive immune responses.
Robert Diegelmann

Robert Diegelmann, Professor:

Interaction of inflammatory cells and components with collagen-producing cells during tissue injury and repair.
Charles Chalfant

Charles Chalfant, Associate Professor:

Role of ceramide-1- phosphate in prostanoid synthesis.

Sheldon Milstien

Sheldon Milstien, Professor:

Mechanisms of sphingosine-1- phosphate in mast and smooth muscle cell biology and allergy.
Tomek Kordula

Tomek Kordula, Associate Professor:

Role of inflammatory cytokines and growth factors in deregulation of proteolytic balance in human astrocytes.
Jessica Bell  Jessica Bell, Assistant Professor:

Structural and biochemical analysis of protein:protein interactions in the inflammatory response upon activation of pathogen recognition receptors.
Andrew Larner  Andrew Larner, Professor:

Type I and Type II interferon signaling. The Role of the Jak/Stat Signaling Pathway in Regulation of Gene Expression and Cell Metabolism.
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